Reasons Why Losing Weight Is Hard

Reasons Why Losing Weight Is Hard

The rate of obesity in the U.S continues to grow, with more than one-third 34.9% of adults now considered obese and nearly 12% classified as extremely obese according to a new report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Despite this alarming trend, research shows that weight loss is possible through modification of diet and exercise habits. This article explores why many people find it hard to lose weight and offers some tips on how they might address these challenges.

Bad habits

Weight loss is hard because it means changing your life for the better – but many people find that they simply do not know where to start. Changing everything at once can be daunting and confusing and may lead to failure and a sense of discouragement. This is why it’s important to make changes one behavior at a time, thereby increasing the likelihood of success.

For example, if you want to lose weight, you would first need to stop drinking soda every day. Once you’ve successfully eliminated this unhealthy beverage from your diet, then consider increasing your intake of fruit and vegetables by adding them as snacks between meals or preparing them as side dishes instead of meat and starches.

Dieting too much/too little/incorrectly

Another reason why weight loss is hard is that people often deprive themselves of food and nutrients when dieting, which can lead to fatigue and headaches. Other people may lose weight only to gain it all back again once they resume their usual eating patterns. To avoid these problems, you should try to eat small amounts of healthy foods every few hours instead of restricting yourself to just a few meager meals each day.

In addition, switching between low-calorie and higher-calorie days – dieting for five days and then having a “cheat” day where you splurge on whatever your cravings dictate – has been shown to increase satiety while limiting calories overall. Finally, be sure that the amount of time spent dieting is reasonable for your age, weight, and lifestyle. Trying to lose too much weight too fast can be unhealthy and discouraging.

Difficulty controlling appetite

Being hungry simply adds to the challenge of losing weight by distracting you from whatever task you are currently working on. Experts recommend that people try not to let themselves become hungry throughout the day because it may lead them to overeat later on when their resolve has diminished.

Instead, keep healthy snacks around at all times, including dried fruit or nuts, low-fat yogurt, or fresh vegetables with hummus dip. If hunger persists despite these efforts, consider drinking a glass of water before each meal as this simple step might help curb your appetite long enough to give you time to think about other things instead.


Another reason why weight loss is hard to achieve is that people often rely on supplements to help them drop pounds, but do not realize the importance of diet and exercise. Though certain foods or supplements may help speed up metabolism, they cannot replace what your body needs in order to burn fat effectively. If you want to find out more about supplements take a look at xyng reviews at signalscv.

There are many reasons why people find weight loss difficult, but with some determination and creativity, you can overcome these obstacles. The article has provided a list of steps that may help lead to success when it comes to losing weight. Utilizing the tips in this post will ensure your efforts pay off in the end!