How to Dress like Kate Middleton?

How to Dress like Kate Middleton?

I’m not into the whole fairy tale thing, but I do understand why Kate Middleton is so appealing to lots of women. She is living her own fairy tale, and she looks good while doing it.

Let’s face the fact: the lady has nice clothes! And we all can take some pointers from her, especially middle-aged women. Here are 4 simple tips that can help you look like royalty!

1. Long Flowing Hair: Sure, this isn’t clothes, but her hair is definitely one of the most recognizable things about her look. It’s long, shiny, full, and healthy-looking. Grow your hair shoulder length, then apply a straightening or smoothing cream all over your hair. Then add some volume and bounce by using a large barrel curler or rollers. Brush the curls out with a brush with spaced bristles. Getting a blowout or flat ironing your hair is a great option if you have curly hair. Putting in long extensions is a good option if you have very short hair or hair that grows very slow. Finish off the look with some shine spray, or oil sheen if you are black.

2. Knee Length Dress: Kate wears dresses that hit right above or just below the knee. It’s a sophisticated, but stylish look for women that are in their middle ages. It doesn’t show too much leg, yet shows just enough to make you look sexy. Be mindful of the fit of the dresses too. When your dresses are this long, you can get away with wearing them a little bit fitted. Just don’t go for bulky dresses, or dresses with lots of layers of ruffles and pleats.

3. Clutch Purse: Kate is seldom seen with handbags. She is always carrying a clutch. This adds sophistication to clothes that aren’t typically formal. But you can make lots of outfits look dressier when you pair them with a clutch. Second, match the clutch with your shoes–another Kate move. Matching accessories are a must. Bags, shoes, belts, and jewelry look amazing when they are the same color or same print.

4. Pointy Toe Shoes: So many shoes nowadays are made with pointy toes, and Kate wears them all the time. They may not be the most comfortable shoes for women with wider feet, but there are some that are more comfortable than others. Before buying a pair, try them on and walk around in them a bit to get the feel of it. If you can barely get your foot in it, or if the shoe gives you pain right away, then that pair isn’t for you! A pointy toe kitten heel may be better for you since it puts less pressure on your feet.

And lastly, a bonus makeup tip: Kate always wears light pink lip gloss. I call it the “good girl gloss”. Pick your favorite shade of pink, and wear it with very little makeup. Then finish with mascara and a bit of brown eyeliner or eye shadow around the rim of your eyes.